Language Training in Companies:
Why, When, Who and How?

Corporate language training is in a state of flux. On the one hand, increasing globalisation is making language skills (and not just English) more and more important, and a key factor in the battle to acquire and retain talent. On the other hand, cost pressures and demands for standardised systems are forcing many companies to seek "one size fits all" solutions to complex and diverse communication needs.

Critical questions are being asked about the amount and level of language training that should be provided by companies, the methodologies (both pedagogical and technical) that should be used, the optimal timing and time period over which such training should take place, and about which stakeholders should benefit from this training.

These issues will be discussed at this year's LANGUAGES & BUSINESS Forum, with inputs from industry experts and the opportunity for participants to exchange best practice experiences.

The LANGUAGES & BUSINESS Forum is part of the largest global conference on technology-supported learning and training for the corporate, education and public service sectors: ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN. In an environment which promotes international networking for all sectors, the Forum is the place for language training professionals to discover innovative methods and absorb new thinking.

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